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About Us

Confusion to Order has been making homes more beautiful and functional since 2005, but its been a lifelong process for Suzanna. She grew up an Army brat, moving every 2-3 years with her family including a mom who knew how to make a house a home in an instant. She married the love of her life, Dale, 30 years ago and became a career navy wife and stay-at-home mom. She learned to keep a constantly refined and comfortable home using the resources available. Moving every few years until settling in Kitsap county in 2004, gave her the ability to downsize and move (with a strict weight limit !) and set up a household in no time.

Living in Europe for 12 years offered opportunities to learn how to live in tight quarters with less. When all four kids were in school full time it was an opportunity to branch out and start a business. Now her skills and talents, (and those of all her helper-elves) are shared with her clients.

Suzanna loves to travel, cook, watch films and listen to audio books. She loves to entertain and spend time with family and friends. And of course, she loves to organize and redesign anything from a make up drawer to an RV.  Using what is available to create something wonderful is a skill suited for making a meal or making over an entire home. She made her own dream job by creating and growing this business that is “Confusion to Order.” Her passion for travel inspired her to start a new business, called “Comfort to Order”, vacation rental consultants. 2017 will be the year to launch a business that can be done anywhere in the world that folks need a beautiful but comfortable place to rent when traveling for business or pleasure.